PLEASE NOTE:Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Carol Miller Justice Center is closed to the public. You may only obtain assistance remotely via the virtual public counter, telephone, or email. In addition, all hearings are being conducted via the internet using Zoom, a video conferencing application as in-person appearances are not possible at this time.

The following questions and answers are provided for general reference and information only. They do not excuse you from your obligation to contact the Court or a DMV representative to discuss or review your specific problem or documents. It is strongly suggested that you contact the appropriate office to discuss your particular situation.

I) Court Dates

When is my court date (due date / compliance date)?

When a citation is issued, the officer should write your court date at the bottom of the citation. It can take 30 days or more for the court to receive the citation from the law enforcement agency and enter it into our system. Once the citation is filed with the court, a Reminder Notice will be generated and mailed to the address listed on the citation.

You do not need to appear in court unless you want to contest your citation or your appearance is required. However, you must close resolve your case ON OR BEFORE the court date / due date listed at the bottom of your citation.

To pay your citation online and resolve your case, use the Court's public case access site to search for your citation. To request a video appearance via Zoom, click HERE to speak with a clerk at the Virtual Public Counter or call (916) 875-7800. Assistance is available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding court holidays.

You may check-in for your video court appearance during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. (morning session) and 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (afternoon session). Please note that check-in is available between 11:16 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., but the courtroom is closed until the afternoon session begins at 1:00 p.m.

You will need a picture identification card and any documents that support your case. Your case will be called in the order that you checked in for court. It can two or more hours before your case is reviewed in court.


Can I get an abstract for DMV if I come to court?

After your case has been heard and / or you have complied with court orders and the necessary paperwork is completed, an abstract will be sent to the DMV electronically.

Who will be the judge in the department hearing my case?

The judicial officer who will be hearing your case may not be known until the actual day of hearing.

Will the law enforcement officer who cited me be present at my first court appearance?

The officer is not required to appear unless you have entered a plea of not guilty and a trial has been set. If a trial is set, the citing officer will be notified to appear.

Will my fine increase if I go to trial?

After the trial, the Court will render a verdict of guilty or not guilty. If you are found guilty of committing a traffic infraction after trial, the court can impose a fine of $500.00 for the first offense, $910.00 for the second offense or up to $1,115.00 for the third offense within one year of the offense you are now charged with.

In speeding cases, the Court may impose a suspension of your driving privilege for 30 days on the first offense, 60 days on the second offense, and up to six months for a third offense on your driving record. The Court will impose the sentence that is appropriate under the facts and circumstances that come to light during the trial.

II) Video Court Appearances (Zoom)

How do I find the hyperlink that will enable me to participate in my video conference appearance via the internet?

If a video appearance has been scheduled, the hyperlink to your video appearance can be found on your case on the court's Public Case Access System. Use one of the search options to find your case. Once you have found your case, click on the red 'CLICK HERE' hyperlink (located directly under the 'Case Information' section) to appear remotely in court. The hyperlink will ONLY be available during a 24 hour period from 8:00 p.m., one day prior to your court date, to 8:00 p.m. on your court date.

For additional instructions, please refer to the applicable Zoom reference guide below:

I've just appeared in Court and I was told that I need to speak to a Fines Room clerk to finalize my appearance. How do I access the Virtual Fines Room?

Access your case on the court's Public Case Access System, just like you did when you accessed the hyperlink to appear in Court. Click HERE to search for your case. Click on the blue ‘CLICK HERE’ hyperlink to speak with a fines room clerk via Zoom. PLEASE NOTE: To avoid additional penalties, you must speak with a fines room clerk to finalize your court appearance the same day as your hearing. The fines room hyperlink will ONLY be available during a 24 hour period from 8:00 p.m., one day prior to your court date, to 8:00 p.m. on your court date.

How do I connect to audio and video in Zoom?

Once you've been admitted into the virtual courtroom and you see the judge:

(1) Join audio = click the 'join audio' icon located on the bottom left hand side of your screen and select 'Call over Internet'

(2) Start video = click the 'start video' icon located next to the 'join audio' icon.

start video

Can I share a document that's stored on my device (phone, PC, tablet) with the judge during my video appearance?

During your video appearance, you may utilize the Zoom application's screen sharing feature. To do this, first, open the document on your device that you wish to share. In Zoom, click on the 'screen share' icon located on the bottom of your screen and select the document/screen that you wish to share. Click the blue 'share' button. When you are done sharing, click the red 'stop share' button located on the top of your screen.

zooms icons

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing application that can be downloaded to a cell phone, PC, or tablet that enables you to participate remotely in a meeting (court appearance) via the internet. To download and use the application, you need a device that has audio and video capabilities and an internet connection.

How do I download the Zoom application?

Download the "Zoom Client for Meetings" application from - external link or from your device's app store (search for Zoom Cloud Meetings).

I've never used the Zoom application. Where can I find information about how to use Zoom?

You are strongly encouraged to familiarize yourself with the Zoom application and meeting controls prior to your video appearance. Tutorial videos and articles can be found at - external link.

III) Failure to Appear

What is a Failure to Appear?

A failure to appear is an additional penalty for not appearing in court or resolving your case by the due date listed on your citation.

What is a valid excuse for a failure to appear?

It will be up to the judicial officer at your hearing to determine whether an excuse is valid. Examples of some of the reasons found to be valid are: military orders / military duty, jail incarceration, a medical excuse from a doctor or hospital, or jury duty. Documented proof will need to be provided to the court

If I failed to appear, can I still schedule a court appearance?

Yes, you can still go appear in court viaa video conference (Zoom) if your case has not been forwarded to an outside collection agency. If your case is already with an outside collection agency, there is no option for you to return to court and discuss your case.

Click HERE to obtain assistance from a clerk at the Virtual Public Counter. Alternatively, you may call 916-875-7800 or email Assistance is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., excluding court holidays.

What happens if I need an abstract (release of my license) for DMV?

After your case has been heard and/or you have complied with court orders and the necessary paperwork is completed, an abstract will be sent to DMV electronically.

Can I request monthly payments on the failure to appear along with the original fine?

You can make payments on a failure to appear penalty and the original fine. Some violations may require you appear in court first.

What happens if I still do not appear or pay for my citation?

  • The fine may be increased.
  • A $300 Civil Assessment may be imposed.
  • A warrant may be issued for your arrest.
  • A suspension or hold may be placed on your driving privilege.
  • A hold may be placed on your vehicle registration.
  • The entire fine plus any additional penalty may be sent to an outside collection agency and you may not be allowed back to court to discuss your case.

IV) Failure to Pay Fine

What if I owe a court fine and do not pay?

The balance due and any additional penalty will be forwarded to an outside collection agency. In addition, you will not be allowed back into Court to discuss your case.

Can I make monthly payments on a failure to pay fine?

If your case has been referred to an outside collection agency, monthly payments can be made.

V) Fines

Are there any alternatives to paying the fine?

There are alternatives to paying a fine, if you qualify. Community service is available for infraction violations. However, you will not be considered for this option unless you have a significant financial hardship. The Judge may ask you questions about that hardship. In addition, the Court will review your driving and court appearance record before any such request is granted. Even if community service is granted, you will still be required to pay court fees. In addition, there will be fees due to the Community Service Office.

You cannot perform community service and request Traffic School at the same time.

For misdemeanor violations you can serve jail time in lieu of paying the fine. You will also be required to pay court fees and Sheriff's Work Project office - external link fees.

You must appear in court remotely, via video conference (Zoom) to request either of these options.

Can I request a reduction of the fine?

The Court will not negotiate or lower your fine at arraignment. If you enter a plea of Guilty or No Contest, the Court will use the standard fine from the Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedule (California Rules of Court 4.102) - external link. This amount can also be increased due to points or priors on your driving record.

VI Out-of-County Citation

Can I take care of a ticket in Sacramento that I received in another county?

You must clear the ticket in the county where it was issued. Contact the court in the county where the ticket was issued for more information.

VII) Proof of Correction

Any law enforcement officer can write a citation for a correctable violation. Some violations can be certified using the back side of your citation. See the How to Show Proof of Correction web page for more information. Do not stop an officer on any roadway for certification. You may go to any law enforcement office during regular business hours.

Why is there a $25.00 proof of correction fee when the officer said there would be no fee?

The $25.00 proof of correction fee is statutory per Vehicle Code section 40611 - external link and per Senate Bill 1407, for all vehicle code correctable violations.

Can I show proof of correction for my violation and have the fine reduced?

Pursuant to 40610 - external link of the California Vehicle Code, certain violations may be correctable and eligible for a reduced bail. If you quality to show proof of correction, a $25.00 fee will be assessed for each violation that has a proof of correction. If you do not provide proper proof of correction, your bail will not be reduced and you will be required to pay the full amount. Under certain circumstances, the law enforcement officer who issued your citation may deem your violation(s) not correctable. If the officer check marks the "No" box under the correctable violation section, that violation is not eligible for correction. You must pay the full bail amount or contact the Court by clicking HERE to speak with a clerk at the Virtual Public Counter ON OR BEFORE the due date. Assistance is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., excluding court holidays.

What is a valid proof of correction for an insurance violation (Vehicle Code 16028a)?

Valid proof of correction for insurance may be a photocopy of the official card or policy issued by an insurance company or a statement on insurance company letterhead providing the following:

  • Name of the insurance company
  • Policy number
  • Effective (beginning and ending) dates of the policy (policy must be in effect at the time of violation)
  • Name of the person (defendant) or vehicle listed on the citation

What is the fine for a proof of insurance violation?

If you provide valid proof of insurance at the time the citation was issued (violation date) the amount due is $25.00 plus valid proof.

If you obtained insurance after the date the citation was issued, the amount due is $500.00 plus valid proof.

If you do not have insurance at all, the minimum fine is $910.00. This amount can be increased if you have prior convictions for no proof of insurance.

Can I get insurance if I do not own a car?

Contact an insurance agent to determine what type of insurance coverage is available.

How do I take care of a registration violation if I cannot smog my vehicle?

If you receive a citation because your vehicle is not registered properly and you know it is because the vehicle cannot pass the smog check, immediately contact the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) - external link for information.

If you receive a citation because your vehicle is not registered properly and you have an economic hardship, contact the BAR for an application to determine if you qualify for financial assistance.

Am I responsible for a correctable violation if I sold the car, if the car is not running, or if the car I was driving is not mine?

You are responsible for any citation the officer issues in your name. The only exception is if the citation is issued in the name of the registered owner of the vehicle. If you cannot show proof of correction and do not want to pay the full fine, you must appear in court. You should support your case with any relevant paperwork. Selling or junking the vehicle does not relieve you of the responsibility to pay or appear by the due date listed on your citation.

VII) Suspension and/or Restriction

How do I get my license back once my suspension is over?

Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) - external link for information on how to get your license back.

Can I get a restricted license?

A restricted license is only granted when permitted by the California Vehicle Code. Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles - external link for more information.

If I move out of state, can I get a license in that state if my license is suspended in California?

California and all other states participate in the problem driver pointer system (PDPS). When you apply for a driver's license in another state, the system alerts them to any action against your driver's license in the other state. It is up to the state where you apply to issue you one of its licenses. They may not issue you a license until the suspension is cleared. You must contact other states for specific rules pertaining to that state or the California Department of Motor Vehicles - external link.

IX) Traffic Violator School

How do I qualify for traffic violator school?

Access the Traffic Violator School Program's webpage to see the requirements to qualify to attend Traffic Violator School.

How much does Traffic Violator School cost?

You must pay the full fine, plus a $52 non-refundable traffic violator school administrative fee. In addition, there will be a registration fee charged by the Traffic Violator School which varies from school to school. After you have been approved by the Court to attend Traffic Violator School, a list of schools will be provided.

Will traffic violator school keep a ticket off of my record?

When you complete an approved Traffic Violator School course and pay all the fines/fees, a completion certificate will be electronically submitted to the Court. The conviction will be masked on your driving record as long as you have not attended a Traffic Violator School more than once in an 18 month period.

Failure to pay the full fine will result in your case being transferred to an outside agency for collection and your Traffic Violator School certificate will not be accepted.

X) Warrants

How do I clear a warrant?

Most traffic warrants can be cleared by paying the amount due or by appearing in court. If you know that you have an outstanding warrant, do not wait to be arrested. Contact the court or the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department - external link for information on how to clear it.

XI) General

How can I obtain copies of court documents?

At no cost, you may obtain documents on your case online. Click HERE to search for your case. Alternatively, you may contact the Virtual Public Counter or call (916) 875-7336. The cost is $.50 per page and $40 per certification. Your copy request can also be submitted by mail.

Is a drop box available?

Yes, the drop box is located at the Carol Miller Justice Center, 301 Bicentennial Circle Sacramento CA 95826, to the left of the main entrance. Payments must be received by 5:00 p.m. ON OR BEFORE your citation date/due date. Failing to pay fines by the due date may result in additional penalties. Checks, money orders, and cashier checks should be made payable to the Sacramento Superior Court. You must include your case number or citation number, along with your proof of correction (if applicable), with your payment or other correspondence. Please do not drop cash.