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You may choose to attend Traffic Violator School for certain vehicle violations.

Pursuant to California Rules of Court 4.104 - external link, you must meet the following conditions in order to be eligible for Traffic Violator School:

  1. You must have a valid non-commercial driver's license.
    • For violations occurring 01/01/2013 and after, a commercial license holder may be allowed to attend traffic school for a violation committed in a personal vehicle, but only if there is no failure to appear and only for the purpose of counting negligent operation points. The point will not be marked as confidential for insurance purposes.
    • For violations occurring 12/31/2012 and before, a commercial license holder may not attend traffic school regardless of the vehicle they were driving.
  2. You must not have been driving a commercial vehicle as defined in Vehicle Code Section 15210(b) - external link.
  3. You cannot have been speeding more than 25 miles over a speed limit.
  4. You are not currently, and have not attended a traffic school program for a citation issued within the last 18 months from the date of this current citation.
  5. Your citation is for an infraction moving violation that carries a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) point, and does not have a misdemeanor or commercial vehicle charge and does not require a mandatory appearance in court.
  6. Your citation does not involve alcohol or drugs
  7. Your citation is not for Vehicle Code Section 22406.5 - external link.
  8. If your case involved a failure to appear warrant or a civil assessment, the failure to appear charge must be adjudicated and must be paid in full before you can attend Traffic Violator School.

WARNING: If you are not eligible to attend, but do so anyway, the conviction will be reported on your driving record and there will be no refund of any fees paid.

Payment and Fees

If you meet all of the conditions listed above, you may choose to attend Traffic Violator School.

You must post full bail plus any required proof of correction plus a $52.00 non-refundable administrative fee.

No monthly payments will be allowed. Payment in full must be received within 90 days of the court approving your request for traffic school. You must also pay a fee to the school you attend.

Requesting Traffic School

There are different ways you can request Traffic School:

You may request traffic school by printing the Request to Attend Traffic Violator School. Complete and sign the request and return to the court on or before the due date listed at the bottom of your citation. The request must be signed. Incomplete requests will not be processed.

Mail the request for traffic school to:

Sacramento Superior Court
301 Bicentennial Circle, Room 100
Sacramento, CA 95826
Attention: Traffic Violator School

You may request traffic school and pay your bail and fees by calling 916-875-7800, or on the web at - external link You must have your case number or citation number and credit card information available. You will be mailed an agreement to attend with a web link to obtain an approved list of schools. A convenience fee may apply to credit card transactions.


You may request traffic school by appearing in person at the Carol Miller Justice Center, Room 100, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., excluding court holidays.

Once your traffic school request has been granted, you will be mailed an agreement to attend with a web link to obtain an approved list of schools. Home study and Internet courses are allowed.

Failure to Complete

Failure to pay the traffic school fine plus fees may result in an additional penalty added to your case and the full amount due forwarded to a collection agency. Once your case is in collections, the court no longer has jurisdiction and you will not be allowed to return to court to discuss your case.

Failure to complete traffic school by the due date will result in a forfeiture of any monies paid, and a conviction will be reported on your driving record at the Department of Motor Vehicles. There will be no further proceedings in your case.


If you have already signed up for traffic school and need further assistance or you need more information, please call 916-875-7800.