Pursuant to §40610 of the California Vehicle Code - external link, certain violations may be correctable and eligible for a reduced bail. If you qualify to show proof of correction, a $25.00 fee will be assessed for each violation that has a proof of correction. If you do not provide proper proof of correction, your bail will not be reduced and you will be required to pay the full bail amount. Under certain circumstances, the law enforcement officer who issued your citation may deem your violation(s) not correctable. If the officer check marks the "No" box under the correctable violation section, that violation is not eligible for correction. You must pay the full bail amount or appear in court on or before your appearance date.

Any law enforcement officer can certify a qualified violation as corrected using the back side of your citation, with the exceptions noted below. Do not stop an officer on any roadway for certification. You may go to any law enforcement office during regular business hours.

  • Smog control device violations of 27150 VC and 27151 VC must be certified as corrected by a State Referee Center. For more information, visit the Bureau of Automotive Repair - external link.
  • Light and brake violations may be certified as corrected by an authorized inspection and installation station.
  • Dog and cat licenses may be obtained at the City of Sacramento Animal Care Services - external link - Animal Licensing, 2127 Front Street, if you live in the city of Sacramento; or at County of Sacramento Animal Care and Regulation - external link, 4290 Bradshaw Road, if you live in the county of Sacramento.
  • Vehicle Registration Violations - A Report of Deposit of Fees or a Temporary Operating Permit issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles - external link will not be accepted. These violations can be certified as corrected by the Department of Motor Vehicles or any law enforcement officer. For Vehicle Code violation 4000(A), no current registration, you may also send a copy of your Valid Registration card as proof.
  • Insurance Violations - If you were cited for an insurance violation 16028(a) VC and have no previous insurance violations on your driving record, one of the following may apply to you:
    • If you provide proof of insurance on your vehicle or yourself at the time of the citation, your bail for this violation may be reduced to $25.00.
    • If you provide proof of insurance on your vehicle or yourself purchased after the date of the citation, your bail for this violation may be reduced to as low as $480.00.

Self-certification of correction is not acceptable.

Click HERE to submit proof of correction and pay any applicable fines and fees, via the internet, to a clerk at the Virtual Public Counter. Please have your case number, picture identification card, and credit card information available. Assistance is available 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding court holidays.

Alternatively, proof of correction, plus any fines and fees for other violations, can be mailed or deposited in the drop box at the address noted below. Proof of correction and any applicable fines and fees must be received on or before the due date listed at the bottom of your citation. No extension will be granted. Postmark dates are not acceptable.

Sacramento Superior Court, Traffic Division
301 Bicentennial Circle, Room 100
Sacramento, CA 95826

Sale of the vehicle does not relieve you of the responsibility for correcting the violations for which you were cited.