General Information

Forms are not available in the Courthouse. These instructional packets are designed for use before coming to the Courthouse to file, if you do not have an attorney to prepare your forms for you. Before attempting to use any of the instructions included here, we recommend that you contact the Self-Help Center to determine which instructions can be used in your case.

How to Use the Instructional Packets

To begin using the instructional packets, you should have all necessary forms available. The instructions take you through a step-by-step process that will assist you in filling out your forms. In addition, each set of instructions provides information on the purpose of each form and when it is appropriate to use it.

Where a form exists, the form number and a link to the form are included. Where there is no form, the term "pleading" is used. If there is no form, you may create your own form, so long as it complies with the California Rules of Court and other statutory law, or you may use the sample forms and pleadings provided.

Representing Yourself

If you intend to represent yourself, it may be helpful to seek assistance through our Self-Help Center. The Self-Help Center offers services to help you represent yourself in family law matters. The center houses the Family Law Facilitator's Office, the Resource Referral Program, a community resources information and referral service through 2-1-1 Sacramento and the Self-Help Computer Room. At the center, staff and volunteers may assist you in filling out forms and provide information about legal procedures. These services are available free of charge.

Online Self-Help Center

Are you looking for something that is not covered on this page? Additional information and instructions can be found on the California Courts' Online Self-Help Center - external link.