Self Help Assistance

Orders - Requesting Court Orders

The Request for Order form (FL-300) is used to request a hearing on most issues in a family law case.

Responding to a Request for Order

If you have been served with a Request for Order and a hearing has been scheduled, you may file a Responsive Declaration to help the judge understand what your opinion is on the issues before court. To respond, you must complete the Responsive Declaration Packet.

Income and Expense Declaration

If you have been ordered to file a new Income and Expense Declaration, use this packet:

Court Reporters for Family Court

The Family Court does not provide a court reporter at all hearings. If you would like to have a court reporter present to record the proceedings, you must make arrangements in advance. The court employs a limited number of court reporters and you may request that one be assigned to your hearing. However, the court reserves the right to assign court reporters to the proceedings where they are most needed. If a court reporter is needed in another department at the time of your hearing, one may not be present during your hearing. The only way to ensure that a court reporter will be present at your hearing is to hire a private court reporter at your own expense. The court does not assist in the hiring of private court reporters, nor can the court recommend a particular court reporter.

Dropping or Continuing/Rescheduling a Hearing or Trial

Parties may stipulate to drop or continue a hearing, long cause trial, or trial by emailing to the court the local form Request to Drop or Continue Hearing, Long Cause Hearing or Trial by Stipulation, (FL/E-CT-031). The form must be received by the court at least two (2) business days before the hearing or trial, and must be served by fax or email before the request is made. Absent a stipulation, a motion or other request must be filed.

A party may request a continuance of/to reschedule a hearing and extend any temporary orders by submitting a Request to Reschedule Hearing (FL-306) and an Order on Request to Reschedule Hearing (FL-309) and a $20.00 filing fee. You must appear at the hearing if you do not receive a granted order continuing/rescheduling your hearing.

A party may request a continuance of/to reschedule a hearing and extend any temporary orders by submitting a motion and a $60.00 filing fee.

Notice of Unavailability

A Notice of Unavailability may be filed when a party will not be on hand for hearings or appearances concerning their family law case. This optional packet may be used for this purpose.

Hearing and Trial Preparation Resources

If you are representing yourself, the Self Help Center offers workshops to assist you in preparing for your day in court. These handouts may also help you make the most of your court experience.