Thursday, April 26, 2018

General Information

Family Law Records are either stored at the Family Court or at an off-site facility. If a file is stored off-site, it may be ordered using the online file request system.

Case numbers beginning with the following are located at the courthouse and do not have to be pre-ordered:

  • 11FL, 12FL, 13FL, 14FL, 15FL, 16FL, 17FL
  • 16DV, 17DV
  • 14FS, 15FS, 16FS, 17FS

If you do not know your case number, then you may look it up using the court's public access site.

Adoption records/files are either stored on-site in the Probate Unit, located on the 2nd Floor, in Room 214, or a storage facility off-site. In either case, adoption records/files have to be requested in person upon showing a valid government issued identification card. The online file request system is not available for requesting adoption records/files.

Adoption case numbers beginning with the following are located at the courthouse:

  • 16AD, 17AD

Viewing or Copying Court Files

To obtain copies or certified copies of a Family Law file or document, you may:

  • come in person to the Family Law Records counter,
  • have a family member or friend come to the Family Law Records counter (for some case types),
  • or hire a private agency to assist you.

If you reside outside of California, you may complete an Out of State Request for Family Law Records and mail it with the appropriate fee(s) to the Family Law Correspondence Clerk. To obtain certified copies of a Family Law document, the court must provide a copy for certification (i.e. you cannot bring in a copy from home).

When you come to the courthouse to view your file, you must provide valid state or federally issued photo identification. Additionally, you must obtain a service ticket from the Reception booth. Tickets are available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Confidential Files

Cases under the Uniform Parentage Act are confidential and can only be viewed by the parties named in the case or their attorneys. Exception: If written consent is provided by one of the parties authorizing a person not named in the file to view the case file.

Due to the strict laws regarding the confidentiality of adoption files, individuals who have been adopted are not permitted to see their adoption records without an order of the court. The following forms packet is used to request an order:

Further, if the court grants an adopted person the right to inspect or have copies of their adoption record, court staff are not permitted to provide documents for inspection or for copying to any person other than the adopting parent(s) and their attorney of record, unless the name of the child's birth parents or any other information tending to identify the child's birth parents is deleted from the documents or copies. Adoption requests can only be processed if the signature of the adoptive parent or parents is notarized. Adoption records are not on the court's public access site.


There are various fees that could be incurred when requesting copies, in addition to any fees charged by a private copy service.

Request a Court File Online

Older files that are not stored at the courthouse must be ordered from an off-site storage facility using our online court file request process.