As required by the Trial Court Delay Reduction Act, Government Code § 68600 et seq., - external link and the Case Management Rules adopted by the Judicial Council, California Rules of Court, rule 2.2 - external link, Sacramento Superior Court adopted the Case Management Program (CMP). Forms and procedures are available at 720 9th Street, in Room 102, or by clicking on the links below:

The procedures for the CMP are the product of careful planning by a committee of judges, practicing attorneys, representatives of local bar associations, and Court staff. Chapter 2 - Part Four of the Local Rules governs the CMP.

The CMP applies to all civil actions except for limited civil, probate, guardianship, conservatorship, family law (including proceedings under the Family Law Act, Uniform Parentage Act, and Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act; freedom from parental custody and control proceedings; and adoption proceedings), juvenile court proceedings, small claims proceedings, unlawful detainer proceedings, cases included in petitions for coordination, petitions for writ of mandate or prohibition, temporary restraining order, harassment restraining order, domestic violence restraining order, writ of possession, appointment of a receiver, release of property from lien, change of name and such "other civil petitions" as defined by the Judicial Branch Statistical Information Data Collection Standards.

Weekly CMP Calendar Information

All parties scheduled for a Friday 8:30 a.m. Case Management Conference (CMC) in Departments 38 or 43 may access the Tentative Rulings to determine if an appearance is required. Tentative Rulings are posted and available for viewing after 2:00 p.m. on the court day before the scheduled CMC.

The Court's CMP Judicial assignments are as follows:

  • Department 38 - Judge Mennemeier
    • For issues regarding the CMP Calendar, please contact the CMP Support Clerk at 916-874-1382.
    • For courtroom matters (i.e. requests for appearance, ex parte and motions), please contact the Department Clerk at 916-874-5226.
    • Assigned odd number cases
  • Department 43 - Judge Blizzard
    • For issues regarding the CMP calendar, please contact the CMP Support Clerk at 916-874-2410.
    • For courtroom matters (i.e. requests for appearance, ex parte and motions), please contact the Department Clerk at 916-874-7561.
    • Assigned even number cases

CMP Tentative Rulings

Tentative Rulings are available for viewing online, as follows:

  1. Access the court's public portal.
  2. Under the Tentative Rulings heading click "Search by Case" or "Search by Department".
  3. If "Search by Case" is clicked, enter the case number. If the "Search by Department" is clicked, enter the department number and event/hearing date.
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. Select the Tentative Ruling(s) that you wish to review.
  6. View and print the tentative ruling(s), as desired.

CMP Remote Appearance

Unless ordered to appear in person by the Court, parties may appear remotely either telephonically or by video conference via the Zoom video/audio conference platform with notice to the court and all other parties in accordance with Code of Civil Procedure 367.75 - external link. If appearing remotely, parties are required to participate in their hearing using a device that has video and/or audio capability (i.e. computer, smartphone, or tablet). Although remote participation is not required, the court will presume all parties are appearing remotely for non-evidentiary civil hearings.