An alternative to formal litigation in court is the use of a mediator to resolve landlord/tenant disputes.

The purpose of mediation is to assist parties in finding a mutually agreeable solution, and then assist them in writing the terms of the agreement as an enforceable contract. The landlord and tenant must mutually agree to mediation, and the formal rules of court do not apply to the mediation process.

Unlawful Detainer Mediation service is provided on the day of trial upon the parties' expressing their interest in mediating to the court attendant. If both parties wish to attempt mediation prior to trial, either party may call the Mediation Program at 916-875-7843 and leave three (3) possible dates and times the parties can get together with a mediator. A mediator will contact the party calling in to set up the mediation.

The advantages of mediation include:

  • Instead of a judge, you decide the outcome of your case.
  • You can discuss many issues that may not be admitted in court.