Welcome to the Sacramento Superior Court Unlawful Detainer E-file Program. The Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento (hereafter "court") has developed an electronic filing ("e-filing") system designed to allow legal professionals to file documents with the Unlawful Detainer Unit at the Carol Miller Justice Center.

Information and instructions on e-filing are contained in the Unlawful Detainer E-filing Manual. It is recommended that the filer read the manual in its entirety before proceeding. The manual will be updated periodically. The court will make every attempt to notify users of updates. However, it is the user's responsibility to obtain and comply with the latest implemented revisions.

Court Policy

The Court Policy is a technical specification document. The Court Policy Specification is part of the 2GEFS schema. The Policy Schema namespace is "Schema/Court/US/California/2GEFS/Policy/01/" which contains Sacramento's court-specific information.

The following is a list of the versions of the Sacramento Court Policy. (See the 2GEFS specifications on Court Policy file naming conventions). Select the applicable Court Policy version from the list.