Assembly Bill 199 recently extinguished civil assessments imposed and unpaid prior to 7/1/22. The Traffic Division is currently reviewing all impacted cases and will process refunds where applicable.

If you are experiencing a financial hardship and cannot pay the total fine due for a non-mandatory infraction case, you may ask the Court to reduce the amount you owe based on your ability to pay at - external link

Alternatively, you may complete and submit TR-320/CR320 Can’t Afford to Pay Fine: Traffic and Other Infractions to request an ability to pay either by drop box or mail to:

Traffic Division
Carol Miller Justice Center
301 Bicentennial Circle, Room 100
Sacramento, CA 95826

When considering an ability to pay application, the judicial officer may exercise their discretion to provide for an installment payment plan, suspension of the fine in whole or part, or completion of community service in lieu of paying the total fine.

Applications and any supporting documentation will be reviewed within 30 days of receipt and you will be notified of the decision via email for electronically filed applications or via mail for hard copy applications submitted to the Court. You can also view the status of your application by looking up your case online on our Public Case Access System.

Please note: If community service is ordered as an alternative to paying your fines/fees and you complete the ordered hours by the due date you will satisfy the fines/fees on your case. However, if you fail to complete community service you will be credited any hours performed (if applicable) and will have to pay the remaining fines/fees in full by the due date. If you fail to pay the remaining fines/fees in full by the due date your case will be transferred to an outside collection agency and you will not be able to return to Court to discuss your case.