Fees and Payments

Payments for filing fees and certified copies will be accepted via cash, check, money order, or credit card transaction. There will be no extra processing fee for using a credit card for payment. If you are filing by mail or drop box and would like to pay your fee via credit card, you may complete the Credit Card Authorization Form. All fields of this form must be complete and legible with an original signature and must be submitted with your filing.

Payments of the following fees will not be accepted via credit card: Reporters Transcript deposit, Court Reporter fees, Subpoena Witness fees, and payments on court ordered payment plans.

Filings paid with check that is returned for non-sufficient funds will be void if not paid by cash or certified check / money order within twenty (20) days of notification. 411.20 Code of Civil Procedure) - external link

For Probate filing fees or other court filing fees, please refer to the Fees page.

NOTICE: If you are unable to pay fees and costs, you may ask the court to waive the fees. Please refer to the Fee Waiver page.


Probate forms are not available at the William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse. For your convenience, you can download probate packets, local and Judicial Council forms from the links below. You may want to seek legal assistance to help you identify which forms are needed for your specific circumstance.

Online Packets