Due to the Court closure, the Self Help Center is also closed. Beginning May 1, 2020, assistance can be requested through e-Correspondence. Please check the Court’s website for updates at https://www.saccourt.ca.gov/general/coronavirus.aspx.

File review and assistance determining next steps are available in person or through e-Correspondence. When coming in person, please arrive early as appointments for file review are only given out during the first half hour of each business day, or until all appointments are filled, whichever occurs first. File review cannot be done if there is an upcoming hearing, a hearing was held in the preceding week, or the file is otherwise unavailable for public viewing.

If the court file that you would like us to review with you is stored offsite, you must order the court file online and come to see us when the file is available in the Courthouse. If you contact us through e-Correspondence to review a file which is stored in the warehouse and you have ordered your file online, please wait until the file is available to contact us.