Confidential Mediation


No report is issued if you do not reach a full agreement with the other party. If you do, the Mediator will write up your agreement, which will be mailed to you or you may arrange to pick it up at the courthouse.

You do not have to go to court unless you reach a full agreement and want that turned into a court order.

This is Best When:

  • You have fair to good communications with the other party
  • There is no domestic violence or other safety issues
  • You only have a few issues you would like to work out with the other party
  • You would like the possibility of formalizing your agreement with a court order


Notice of Remote Appearance

Petition for Confidential Mediation Packet

Detailed Information:

Confidential Mediation is a great tool for parents who are communicating and where there is no history of domestic violence. In Confidential Mediation, parties meet with a Mediator who will help the parties put together their parenting plan.

If you have an existing Sacramento County Superior Court case, you may obtain free Confidential Mediation without filing a Request for Order. You can do this by completing the above Petition for Confidential Mediation form. File your completed Petition for Confidential Mediation by mail or drop box (there is no filing fee) and you will receive information by mail regarding your sceduled appointment with a Mediator.

If, during the mediation session, you reach a full agreement with the other party, you can then submit the Mediator's report or your agreement to the court to become an order. If you do not reach an agreement, no report or recommendations will be issued, and the matter is closed without a hearing or orders being made.

You may return to FCS for Confidential Mediation three months and one day after your last Confidential Mediation appointment.