Family Law - Updates and Information during COVID-19

Revised June 10, 2021

Family Relations Courthouse

3341 Power Inn Road
Sacramento, California 95826

CLOSED to the Public

NOT reopening June 15, 2021

  • Future filings should be submitted by US Mail with self-addressed envelope and enough postage to return the filed/endorsed documents to you in one to two weeks; six weeks or longer for judgments
  • Drop-Box available for filing documents. Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except court holidays. Include a self-addressed envelope with enough postage to return the filed/endorsed documents to you in one to two weeks; six weeks or longer for judgments
  • Documents are being processed and will be returned to you by mail
  • Documents submitted by attorneys without a self-addressed envelope with postage will be placed in the drop-box for pickup

Family Law Hearings and Trials

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
and Elder Abuse Restraining Orders

  • Filed via drop-box and email
  • Please complete and attach this form to the restraining order packet.
  • Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse hearings are currently being held via Zoom
  • Filings received Monday – Friday between 8 am and 2 pm may receive same day order
  • Once the order is signed court staff will call the filer and provide instructions on picking it up

Court Records

  • Closed to the public until further notice
  • Limited appointments for persons with critical needs to view or obtain copies of documents available. Call (916) 875-3400 between the hours of 8:30 to 4:00 p.m. for appointment
  • Check Public Case Access System for recent court orders including continuances if you have access
  • If you do not have access to the Public Case Access System, you may submit the Participant Enrollment Form
  • For copies of documents from cases from 1975-present, submit this form Request for Copies of Family Law Records by US Mail or drop box
  • Email for copies of records for cases from 1937-1974
  • In-state governmental agencies can request copies at:
  • Requests processed in about two weeks

Self Help Center

  • No in-person assistance until further notice
  • Assistance via e-Correspondence
  • Workshops via Zoom telepresence for:
    • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
    • Elder Abuse Restraining Orders
    • Dissolution/Legal Separation/Nullity
    • Uniform Parentage Act
    • Petition for Custody & Support
    • Requests for Orders
    • Income and Expense Declaration
    • Financial Disclosures
    • Hearing Preparation
    • Trial Preparation
    • Responding to a Petition

Family Court Services

  • Mediation will be conducted via Zoom telepresence
  • Accommodations will be made to interview children when deemed appropriate by the Court
  • The 10-page FCS packet and parenting plan questionnaires can be submitted via US Mail, drop-box or dedicated email
  • In order to access your mediation report prior to the hearing, be sure to submit the Family Law Case Participant Enrollment Form (Party) to register your email

Sheriff Civil Bureau

For service of Temporary Restraining Orders, Family Law Summons
and Requests for Order

Requesting an Interpreter

  • For DV Hearings email Department 127
  • For all other family law proceedings either submit via US MAIL or submit request via drop-box

Ex Parte Requests

  • After proper notice may be submitted via drop-box or email at least 24 hours prior to desired ex parte hearing
  • Please complete and attach this form to your request for an ex parte
  • Requests for an interpreter can be made by email or in writing with your request for an ex parte
  • Download this informative brochure on the ex parte process before proceeding

As information can change quickly, please continue to check the Sacramento Superior Court Family Law Webpage frequently for any new information and advisements.