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If You Do Not Have a Case Number

In order to receive copies of a criminal case record, you must first obtain the criminal case record number. You may be able to locate a case number by using one of the options below:

Note: The Court will only research Sacramento County criminal record information on cases dating from 1989 to present. You must provide the precise data, such as a specific name, or case number.

If your case is older than 1989, you can use the public microfiche located in the Criminal Records Unit in Room 101 at the Gordon D. Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse or you can contact the California Department of Justice - external link.

If You Have a Case Number

Case numbers beginning with the following are located at the Gordon D. Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse and are available for viewing:

  • 21F, 22F, 23F, 24F
  • 21M, 22M, 23M, 24M

All other case numbers not listed will need to be ordered from the court's off-site storage facility. File orders can take up to 30 days.

Requests by Phone: You must already have your case number to order a file(s) over the phone. Once the file has been order, you will be responsible for contacting the Criminal Records Front Counter at 916-874-8881 to check the delivery status of the file(s). Once the files are received they will be held at the courthouse for 10 days. Public copiers are available for use or staff can make copies for you (see "Costs for Copies" below). Note: The Court does not provide research services over the telephone.

  • Appointments to view files can be made by calling (916) 874-8881. Available appointment times are Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Mail Requests: If you have a case number and would like copies of the file, submit a written request or complete the Local Criminal Records Copy Request form (CR-278C), and mail with your payment (see "Payment Instructions" section below) and include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Payment Instructions:

  • For payment by Check/Money Order - Make check/money order payable to Sacramento Superior Court. Do not fill in the dollar amount.
    For regular copies only, write “NOT TO EXCEED” $35.00**** on the memo line.
    For certified copies , write “NOT TO EXCEED” $50.00**** on the memo line.
    Submit payment along with the copy request form. Once the request has been processed, the clerk will complete the check and fill in the total amount due. The requested copies and a receipt will be mailed to the address provided on the form. If an overpayment of fees is submitted, a refund will be sent to you within 6 weeks.
  • For payment by Credit Card, see Credit Card Authorization Form (CR-500B).
  • Do not mail cash.

Mail or bring the Local Criminal Records Copy Request form, along with payment or Credit Card Authorization form to:

Sacramento Superior Court
720 9th Street, Room 101
Sacramento, CA 95814
Attention: Criminal Correspondence Unit

Note: If the appropriate fees are not attached, or your requested information is incomplete, the request for records will not be processed and the request will be returned to you.

Please be aware that submitting multiple requests for the same case number will cause undue delays in processing your records request. Criminal records copy requests are processed in the date order received.

NOTICE: Our office does not accept faxes from the public or non-government agencies. Any faxed requests will not be processed.

Costs for Copies

  • $.50 per page for copies
  • $40.00 per certification of a copy of paper, record, or proceeding on file
  • $50.00 per exemplification
  • $15.00 for searching records or files, for each search longer than 10 minutes (includes index search)

Contact us

If you need to speak with someone, you may call 916-874-8881. Please note: The court will not confirm or deny dates of birth, social security numbers or provide research over the phone.