Government Agency Copy Requests (FAX or MAIL)

FAXED Copy Requests must be submitted on agency letterhead. Please FAX request to: (916) 530-2675.


  • Requests submitted by fax from individuals or non-government agencies will not be processed.
  • The court does not email/call requestors to advise if fees apply. Please see information below regarding billing.

Use the form CR-500C, Government Agency Records Request and Billing Sheet, to make the copy request. In the copy request, you must include a contact phone number with extension and/or contact email address and the following information:

  • Case number(s), case name(s), date of birth(s), social security number(s), CII number, cross reference (xref) number, driver license number and/or any other relevant identifying information pursuant to Penal Code 13300 - external link to assist in processing the request.
  • Please list/indicate the documents you require and whether or not the copies are to be certified.

Note: If there is an upcoming court appearance date, please include this information in the request as we will try to accommodate, but cannot guarantee the request will be processed in time for the court date provided.

By FAXING your request to the Court, the agency/requestor is acknowledging and agreeing to the payment of all fees incurred for the copies being requested (see billing process/fees below).

Mail Requests: Must be submitted on agency letterhead and the request must include the same information as listed in "FAX Copy Requests" above.

Billing Process

The court's Accounting Department will bill agencies on a monthly basis for all orders processed. Your agency has the option of sending in a check payable to "Sacramento Superior Court" or pay with a credit card using the form CR-500B Credit Card Authorization Criminal Records. The Court accepts Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express.

Court's Public Access Site

The purpose of the Public Access Site - external link is to provide the ability to research and locate Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento cases on a particular individual or a case number.

Government Agencies can search online or you can send us a request by FAX or MAIL to conduct the search. The cost for searching records or files, for each search taking longer than 10 minutes (includes index search) Government Code Section 70627(c) - external link is $15.00

Government Agency Copy Fees

On October 1, 2013 the Sacramento Superior Court began charging public entities the statutory fee rate for regular and certified copies in criminal and traffic cases. This includes state and local government entities within California, the State Bar, the federal government, and local and state entities outside of California.

For non-criminal cases, local and state entities outside of California will be charged for regular and certified copies.

The fees have been implemented pursuant to Government Code Sections 70627 and 70633 - external link.

Fee Description Authorizing Code Fee Total
Preparing a copy of any record, proceeding or paper on file (per page) Government Code 70627(a) and 70633 $0.50 per page
Certifying a copy of paper, record, or proceeding on file Government Code 70627(b) and 70633 $40

Contact us

If you need to speak with someone you may call 916-874-5664. The court does not provide research over the phone. The court will not confirm or deny dates of birth, social security numbers over the phone.

Our address is 720 9th Street, Room 101, Sacramento, CA 95814.