Due to the Court closure, Civil Self-Help Services is closed for in-person assistance. Telephone and email assistance is available. Please see the Office Information page for more details. Please check the Court's website for updates at https://www.saccourt.ca.gov/general/coronavirus.aspx"

What is a Tentative Ruling?

When a motion is filed in Department 53 or Department 54, the Court will issue a "Tentative Ruling."

The Tentative Ruling states how the Judge intends to rule on the motion. The ruling is based on the papers filed by the parties and the applicable laws.

The Court issues the Tentative Ruling after 2:00 pm, one court/business day before the hearing on the motion. If the hearing is on a Monday, the Court will post it on Friday. Keep holidays in mind as well.

A party can contest the tentative ruling if:

  • Oral argument may change the court's decision;
  • The record needs to be clarified; or
  • The grounds for the court's decision are unclear from its tentative ruling.

Until further notice, NO IN-PERSON APPEARANCES WILL BE PERMITTED. All Civil Law and Motion hearings will be conducted remotely via CourtCall or Zoom [which includes telephonic and teleconferencing options]. This will also apply to 'Appearance Required' matters.

How to Access the Tentative Ruling

Look up the tentative ruling by:

  1. Visiting: Tentative Ruling Search By Department
    • Click on "Department".
    • Select the Department listed on the motion paperwork.
    • Select the date of your hearing listed on the motion paperwork.
    • Open the document, and scroll down to find the name of your case.
  2. Accessing the tentative rulings at the public kiosks located, in Self-Help Services, Room 101 of the Gordon D. Schaber Courthouse or Room 212 of the Hall of Justice Building. NOT AVAILABLE DURING THE COURT’S CLOSURE DUE TO COVID-19
  3. Check your tentative ruling for the most up-to-date instructions for court appearances, including the procedure to request oral argument.
    • Department 53: 916-874-7858
    • Department 54: 916-874-7848

If You Agree With The Tentative Ruling...

You do not need to do anything. If the other party disagrees, they must contact you and the court by 4:00 pm the same day. If the other party does not contact you by 4:00 pm, the Tentative Ruling will become the order of the Court at the hearing.

If You Disagree With The Tentative Ruling...

Leave a message with the department where the motion will be heard to let them know you notified the other party of your intention to appear, and that they may appear by Zoom or CourtCall. Notify the court AND the other party of your intention before 4:00 pm the day before the hearing is scheduled.

If The Other Party Disagrees With The Tentative Ruling...

The other party may call to inform you oral argument has been requested. You may attend the hearing to discuss the matter with the Judge.

If The Tentative Ruling Says, "Appearance Required"...

Attend the hearing. You may appear by phone via CourtCall unless otherwise noted. A fee waiver does not cover the cost of CourtCall: 1-888-882-6878.