Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Judicial Council Coordination Proceeding No. 4353

Welcome to the Quantification Settlement Agreement ("QSA") Coordinated Special Proceeding, Case No. JC 4353, web site. This site has been established at the behest of Coordination Trial Judge Roland L. Candee to aid in the processing of this coordinated proceeding and to insure that information about the coordinated proceeding is readily available to the public. Available through this web site are case information on the individual actions that make up this coordinated proceeding, tentative ruling information, minutes from court proceedings, court orders, and a current Master Service list.


A number of contracts (referred to as the Quantification Settlement Agreement ("QSA") and related agreements) signed in October 2003 attempt to reach an overall quantification, settlement and transfer of various Colorado River water rights. The coordinated cases in this proceeding are some of the litigation that has followed the signing of the QSA including, but not limited to, actions seeking validation of the agreements and CEQA challenges.

Throughout the course of this action, the Court will utilize a Tentative Ruling process that will allow counsel to preview a proposed ruling prior to the actual hearing date. Two court days prior to hearing on any pre-trial motion, the Court will post to this Web site a proposed ruling. Counsel can view and download the ruling from the public access site.

Case Information

  • Sacramento County
    • Case: 03CS00082 - County of Imperial vs. State Water Resources Control Board
    • Case: 03CS00083 - South Coast Air Quality Management District vs. State Water Resources Control Board
  • Imperial County
    • Case: ECU01643 - Morgan vs. Imperial Irrigation District
    • Case: ECU01646 - Morgan vs. Imperial Irrigation District
    • Case: ECU01649, 04CS00875 - Imperial Irrigation District vs. All Persona Interested in the Matter Of Any of the Following Contracts
    • Case: ECU01650, 04CS00876 - County of Imperial vs. Imperial Irrigation District
    • Case: ECU01653, 04CS00877 - Protect Our Water and Environmental Rights (POWER) vs. Imperial Irrigation District
    • Case: ECU01656, 04CS00878 - County of Imperial vs. Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
    • Case: ECU01658, 04CS00879 - Morgan vs. Imperial Irrigation District